CADEN Edge is an Extended Life Solution from Agrisolutions

CADEN Edge infuses Tungsten Carbide into the tillage wear part creating the toughest and most valuable extended life treatment available. The synergy of impact resistant metallurgically bonded weld with the extreme wear resistance of Tungsten Carbide makes CADEN Edge unbeatable.

Applications include:

  • Sweeps
  • Harrow Tines
  • Ripper Points
  • Scraper Blades, and more

Benefits of CADEN Edge when applied to Sweeps:

  • Less Downtime Changing Worn Sweeps
  • Less Labor Cost
  • Less Hardware Cost
  • Improved Bottom Line
  • Improved Yields from Retaining Original Shape

Standard Uncoated Sweep

CADEN Edge Sweep

(Above) After 700 acres in highly abrasive sandy soil conditions

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